Monday, September 15, 2008

Just add Recipe

How cute is this little cowboy? Now I just need a good
Recipe to add to make this perfect! Any Suggestions?

You Float My Boat!

Another project we did for our Stampin Club! I love how the
Cuttle Bug looks like waves in the water.

Stampin Club!

I just think these are so cute! These were projects from the stamp club I'm in and they are out of my element but too cute!

Just a couple of my favorites

This was my first time to use glitter and I think it make such a huge difference

This stamp set is one of my favorites! I really love the simplicity.

Fairy Nice

I was so excited to get this Stampin' Up Set "Fairy Nce"! I think it is such a cute little set and I am sure to use it a bunch with 3 girls! This is the first time using the set.

7th Anniversary!

Today is My 7th Annivaersary to my Husband Russ! We agreed to not buy a gift for one another and spend some quality time together instead. We also agreed to write a meaningful letter to each other. Here is my letter to Russ and of course I had to make a "List" of some of the things I Love about him.