Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I have talented friends!

This is a look at all of the wonderful "Homemade" cards I recieved at my party! I do feel like this was my favorite part of the night, there is something about knowing that someone took the time to make an original card just for me. Thanks to everyone these wonderful creations will be cherished forever.
I must tell you who these came from...the top left (orange & Blue) is from Chrissy, Middle (bright pink) is from Lorena (she isn't even a scrapper, how sweet), top right (stripes) Is from Lori, bottom left (pink and green) is from Bekki, bottom middle (pink and white) is from Jamie (she just started in cards, she will be hooked soon) and bottom right (yellow) is from my wonderful hubby (with a little help from Lori, hehe)


Bekki B said...

What lovely cards! You have good friends! Tee Hee!

LORI said...

We love you Jennifer!! Happy Birthday!