Sunday, January 18, 2009

A good feeling!

So this week we have been swamped with Basketball games...2 games Saturday, 2 games Tuesday, 3 games Friday and 2 games yesterday! Needless to say we are ready for a break. The games were in Lexington yesterday so we stayed a while and made a day of it. Emma had a friend stay with us, we went to lunch then a little shopping then dinner. All in all a very good day with our teen daughter. On the way home, we were all just talking and singing and being silly and I heard my daughters frined say "I wish my parents were as cool as yours"! I have to admit that it brought a smile to my face and a good feeling to my heart. You always hear that the teen years are terrible but I have to say so far so good for us. I love that her friends are comfortable around us and that she doesn't mind us being around.

Well, we have 2 more games tomorrow (yes, even on a Holiday) so I'm off to clean this sad neglected home of mine! I hope you all are doing well!!!!!


Bekki B said...

Awwweee!!! You guys are cool and fun! Emma (and the other beauties)are blessed to have a mom like you!!!

LORI said...

I say...Ditto on Bek's comment!! You both are good cool parents!! Hope you get a rest soon!!

MaryJane said...

That is SO awesome! Really!! That is what I pray for when I have teens! If I need any pointers you will be hearing from me!