Monday, September 8, 2008

Clipboard fun!

A funny Story about this Clipboard we made at the Mops meeting. I didn't actually do my project at the meeting because I was helping Lori get the things punched out, so I brought mine home. I did put it together that afternoon at my office but it never dawned on me to post it. So, this morning I checked my beautiful friend lori (Bylori Designs) blog and saw that we did ours almost exactly the same. All the way down to the inking around the sides and the ribbon on top! I always knew great minds thought alike!

Thank you Lori for a great project!


LORI said...

We do have a lot of the same tastes...So glad we are friends AND that you like Stamping, Scrapping, etc,etc,etc as much as I!! :)

LORI said...

I just had to add...I LOVE your Flower! The button was the perfect touch. I might have to be a copy cat and add one to my flower too!! :)