Saturday, September 6, 2008

WOW, What a Day

Today was very interesting to me! Our business sold Skate Board Equipment to the City of Somerset to build a new Skate Park and today was the install. The deal was that the skate boarders were to help with the install to save money and they did show up and most of them helped. My oldest daughter (Emma) and I also went to help this morning.

The interesting part of the day was how many boys with their underwear showing, how many "F" words were slung, how lazy they were and how ungrateful they were. The amazing part was when I fussed at a couple of the boys about their language they acted like I was crazy to be offended. I told them that it was really disrespectful to speak that way in front of girls and their response was"REALLY?" That is so sad to me that they haven't been taught to respect women.

I feel an urge to pray for the young men of this generation! Our young women should never have to put up with that type of laziness and crude behavior! For those of you with boys, I pray that they will be might young men with character, Integrity, and High Moral Value!


Bekki B said...

True that! I'll be prayin' too! The boys now a days...Here's something off topic, but if you move your 5 minute montage gadget to the bottom you can see the whole thing. Just a suggestion...Love ya!

LORI said...

Wow! I would not have wanted to be you that day!! And poor Emma!! Good idea to pray for the young people of the Gen. I will too!!What a time to have to be a teenager. We were blessed!!